Be The Bee! Video Series

Be The Bee!  This week's featured video is titled "What is Orthodox Christianity?"  While this is a tremendously complex and large subject, this video gives us a brief explanation of some important points.  If you are seeker or inquirer of Christianity, this is a great starting point.  If you are already Orthodox, take a look - you may just learn something!       … [Read more...]

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Beautifying St. Andrew’s

Iconography Project - Phases I-III Completed The iconography at St. Andrew’s thus far includes 3 phases: The Panaghia (“the All-Holy One”) on the East Wall of the Sanctuary; The Pantocrator (“The All-Powerful”) on the dome of the Nave; The Iconostasis or Icon screen. Completed Click image to enlarge The Panaghia depicts the Virgin Mary the Theotokos ("The God-bearer") with Jesus Christ on her lap. This icon shows the Virgin as the Church … [Read more...]

St. Andrew’s Welcomes You!

Christ is in our midst! He is and ever shall be! It is our joy to welcome you to St. Andrew the Apostle Antiochian Orthodox Church here in Pensacola, FL. If you have never been to an Orthodox Church before, we intend to embrace you with a combination of Southern and Antiochian hospitality. At any service you attend, please feel free to ask anyone for help in following the service as we have service books available. If you attend the Divine Liturgy and are not Orthodox, please feel free to … [Read more...]