St. Andrew’s has two choirs, the St. Romanos Choir for the adults and high school age students, and the Youth Choir for the church school students. The choirs and chanters sing using the ancient Byzantine tones, as well as music from a variety of Orthodox traditions. All music is acappella, with no instruments, following the practice of the earliest Christians.

The St. Romanos Choir is under the leadership of Kh. Nora Bleam and Sam Waite. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings. All are welcome, regardless of prior experience. We learn and grow together. Through the singing of the hymns, the children (and the adults) learn more about our Holy Orthodox faith through the hymnology of the church.

The youth choir program is an important part of the religious education of the young people at St. Andrew’s. Highlights of the year include a Christmas Pageant and a Presanctified Liturgy during Lent. They sing every Sunday during communion, and through the end of the service. Each week as part of the church school program, the students are taught the hymns of the Church and how to chant in the eight Byzantine tones. The program is designed and taught by Kh. Nora Bleam, an experienced Kodaly teacher.

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